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Which Mic is Right for You? UTFet47 vs WA47F | MMP: Ep.50
How to Record Your Vocals Like a Pro at Home! #MMPEp.49
I can track drums ALL DAY! Good tones save songs! #carlmooremusic #drums #lautenaudio #lewittaudio
How I Record Drums In A Home Studio | Recording Drums | MMP: EP48
Is This Mic REALLY That Good?? | Manley Reference Cardioid | MMP:EP47
Are Tube Preamps Overrated? | Manley Force 4 - Channel Preamp | MMP: EP46
Why is the U87ai BETTER? | MMP:EP45
Since is that time of year, I decided to share some Holiday Music the #CarlMooreMusic way!
Is This The GREATEST Microphone EVER?? | Neumann U87Ai | MMP:EP44
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